Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tuesday she found out that a girl she went to middle school with died in a car crash and then yesterday she found out that one of her brother's friend's Jason, I believe, mother killed herself.

We had a good long conversation and she even reminded me of this song that I'd totally forgotten about! I wanted to email you to tell you that I liked your diary and that I'd help with the html.

I don't have any desire to destroy him like that; I don't hate anybody in this world. So how the fuck am I supposed to tell this girl that I cant handle seeing her when apparently everyone else can..? She's sent me every single news story link that has been written about the tragedy. It made me not want to have kids and I know that's mean to say but honestablished is supposed to be a good thing right? The only thing that I have missed all weekend is sleep cause every night I was up playing video games till the wee hours of the morning. Well, I'm not talking about the camping you see in car commercials cause that would lead you to believe we were having DVD parties and playing playstation in the car all night long. And you know what, if I had the right guy and I loved him, yes I would probably be having sex. Why would Rob want to kiss me? What would your funeral be like?

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