Sunday, 25 December 2011

Cold & Car

His last car was so pretty and this one is a piece of crap. This dorm deal has my mind very busy, and It's keeping me insane! Be it of late nights and the coffee machine.

Casey has a date tomorrow and its tearing me apart.

I still have to tell my Tom & Jerry story... probably tomorrow if I have time.

Since my last entry was a long one about the concert, I didnt have a chance to add other random things that are going on.

I have long felt displaced within my own country.

Belarus is one of the bleakest places I've ever had the misfortune to go through, and that includes Norilsk.

Rain drizzled on my cheeks and the wind blew a chill through my bones. I DO want you on the soapbox, just not the touchy-feely one... although every once in a while is refreshing, I admit. The rest of the field was full of privateers, although the official history of the Trans-Am series doesn't like to mention that. Well, thanks for hanging out with me here over the past few years, months, days or even just a few minutes.

Thanks for participating in my lil' chocolate survey!

Are you into minimalism or is it just a new template in progress?

The Greek gods did it all the time and those myths are there for anybody to read.



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