Saturday, 31 December 2011


Dream phone...

Recently I've been swept with the craze that is: ANDROID

Planning on getting this bad boy

Tell me what you think, personally, I think it's better than the iPhone.

As always, love,


Friday, 30 December 2011

I'm No Professional BUT...

I'm no professional BUT...

If person A call person B a fat piece of shit...

...and person B just shrugs it off...

...It's okay.

But If person B were to kill himself/herself...

...Person A would be seen to more harshly than before.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Don't judge the outcome; judge the insult instead.

Love Joey.


Can contend for one of the best flash game ever!


This is another link to another game, I shall continue this until tomorrow.

Let me know what ya' think bloggers, love you as always!




For you poker heads listen up...
I was playing a sit 'n' go, buy in was around £5.
there was 3 of us left at the table.
I had one hell of a bad beat:

ME - As Ah - Raise 350
P2 - Kd Kc - Call 350
P3 - Folded


Ac  Ks 4d

ME - Raise 700
P2 - Re-raise 800
ME - Call



ME - Check
P2 - Check



ME - Raise all-in
P2 - Calls

He won... 4 kings.

Damn bad beats.
Happened 3 other times with similar cards; damn.

Thursday, 29 December 2011



This captcha is too much win :o


For sonic fans out there, I order you to go play this fun game :)

Fancy pants is about some guy (any guy), running around collecting stuff.

So people, use google to find it, enjoy :)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sorry for the delay, was away.

It sounds like gerbils on helium with a guitar. Q Mix of Smells like Teen Spirit and Bootylicious - High pitched gargling by Destiny's Child mixed in with rock. Alliah - Yes I'm sure she could sing wonderfully and was a nice person. Louis, and especially as it is raining, I immediately get hit with a wall of humidity.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hello and Welcome

I'd like to admit that I'm one of those people that can't be bothered to type alot... So today my mission is write something of worth. I find it amazing the effect that words have; person 'A' calls person 'B' a worthless piece of shit. Obviously B would be offended, right? Not a big deal... But if 'B' were to kill himself due to the verbal abuse, person 'A' would be judged upon highly.

This I don't like...

So, more to come; have a nice day.


Yo mama is so fat that her bellybutton gets home 15 minutes before she does.
Yo mama is so fat that when she was diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease, the doctor gave her ten years to live.
Yo mama is so fat that the National Weather Service names each one of her farts.
Yo mama is so fat that when she wears a yellow raincoat, people yell "taxi!"
Yo mama is so fat that she sat on a dollar and squeezed a booger out George Washington's nose.
Yo mama is so fat that when she gets in an elevator, it has to go down.
Yo mama is so fat that when her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up.
Yo mama is so fat that she has to iron her pants on the driveway.
Yo mama is so fat that she left the house in high heels and came back wearing flip flops.

Cold & Car

His last car was so pretty and this one is a piece of crap. This dorm deal has my mind very busy, and It's keeping me insane! Be it of late nights and the coffee machine.

Casey has a date tomorrow and its tearing me apart.

I still have to tell my Tom & Jerry story... probably tomorrow if I have time.

Since my last entry was a long one about the concert, I didnt have a chance to add other random things that are going on.

I have long felt displaced within my own country.

Belarus is one of the bleakest places I've ever had the misfortune to go through, and that includes Norilsk.

Rain drizzled on my cheeks and the wind blew a chill through my bones. I DO want you on the soapbox, just not the touchy-feely one... although every once in a while is refreshing, I admit. The rest of the field was full of privateers, although the official history of the Trans-Am series doesn't like to mention that. Well, thanks for hanging out with me here over the past few years, months, days or even just a few minutes.

Thanks for participating in my lil' chocolate survey!

Are you into minimalism or is it just a new template in progress?

The Greek gods did it all the time and those myths are there for anybody to read.



Tuesday she found out that a girl she went to middle school with died in a car crash and then yesterday she found out that one of her brother's friend's Jason, I believe, mother killed herself.

We had a good long conversation and she even reminded me of this song that I'd totally forgotten about! I wanted to email you to tell you that I liked your diary and that I'd help with the html.

I don't have any desire to destroy him like that; I don't hate anybody in this world. So how the fuck am I supposed to tell this girl that I cant handle seeing her when apparently everyone else can..? She's sent me every single news story link that has been written about the tragedy. It made me not want to have kids and I know that's mean to say but honestablished is supposed to be a good thing right? The only thing that I have missed all weekend is sleep cause every night I was up playing video games till the wee hours of the morning. Well, I'm not talking about the camping you see in car commercials cause that would lead you to believe we were having DVD parties and playing playstation in the car all night long. And you know what, if I had the right guy and I loved him, yes I would probably be having sex. Why would Rob want to kiss me? What would your funeral be like?

Plus, I adore threesomes and I totally see Abbey as being in on it from time to time.

Is it that Jess and I were based on being in constant close proximity, while S. I remember now why he and I were roommates for so long: two peas in a pod.

We were suppose to leave today, but my dad didn't come home yesterday.

Yesterday I made Mare get new shoes. If I had one wish this morning, it'd be that everyone would go and post one thing to get it going, since I am way too tired right now to post any more than I already have, so I'm going to take a nap. Unfortunately, since I am a non-paid volunteer, the only way to rectify this situation is through male posturing and possibly violence. I was just browsing through and got caught up with things and I was enjoying myself. He had been through hell and back. I asked if she had ANY idea WHO this kid was???! High school classes, responsibilities, sports, singing, and the transition was difficult enough in itself, so with this extra burden I began struggles with depression.

Unfortunately, this caused more inadvertent competition: Moocher and Ayukawa, both disposed toward being the center of attention, would compete against Foo-Foo, and each other, for the audeinces' attention. Foo-Foo's drumming, being the main point for the last album, had tightened considerably.

Between Escobar, Moocher, and Ayukawa, Escobar was the most cool headed, and Foo-Foo felt he'd be the one most willing to compromise.

But at least there are some specials on 2004 model cars right now, as the 05's come rolling in. The House of Gentry will fall. Once I got there, the realization of life in an apartment sucked and I couldn't wait to rent a house. Dont you just hate when your nuts itch so much while standing in public you are willing to find the first crotch high kid with a crew cut and rub those bristly hairs over your mini planet populaters just so no one thinks youre scratching your balls? I put about 750 miles on the car in the first 24 hours I owned it, just going home.

Basically, the game consists of writing entries as if I were him and going on AIM and playing out 'real' life with other players who protray other characters. He told me about how Rjyan, aka Cex, was in town visiting and shooting a video with the other guy wed talked to on ILM, Girolamo. I was LJ-surfing the other day and came across some guy talking about how one of her concerts was, like, a life-changing experience.

At the time, sales were down and Chander was spending money like a drunken sailor on new equipment and other things.


Oops, that user doesn't have their notes feature turned on!

But it didn't look good on me. I tried to play it off like it was whatever, but it didn't work. I'm sitting in shock like what? Also this is my diary and if you don't like what you read, then I suggest you move on to another diary. With everything put together, I'd say your diary receives a solid eight. There seems to be this continuous unrest in me that prevents me to be content with myself.

I tell you, if this were anyone but the DNC, I'd be crying spam abuse.

I'm not happy with my life right now. I'm sitting here, wearing only a t-shirt with a GFC logo on it.

He seems happy with that part of his life for the first time in awhile and I'm so glad. Granted, he did say that he didn't want to do too much on my first visit, that he wanted to work gradually so that he didn't put me in more pain. It took me almost an hour though to do so I am afraid that my Math class will never see the liberty spikes Why you ask? Or maybe you do *lifts eyebrow* I finally learned how to do that!

As of January of this year I have finally accepted the fact I will likely never be able to develop LRP into the operating system it could have been.